Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rabidly Possessive Montanans ...

Though I wasn't born in Montana, I've lived here pretty much my whole adult life ... watching lots of other newcomers arrive in the state, and seeing many of them leave. This place has a lot of appeal to folks, though most of those who move here don't stay; long winters and small-town life aren't for everyone. But some of us do find a home here, and we become very proud of the state ... in part for the very qualities that drive others away.

Those thoughts bring to mind a quote from the outdoor writer Glenn Law, in an essay called "More than Skin Deep." The piece was published in a 1991 anthology called Montana Spaces.
Just as converts make the best Catholics, so newcomers make the most rabidly possessive Montanans. Everyone who moves to Montana wants to be the last one allowed in.

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