Thursday, July 2, 2009

Small-town cafés ...

In Montana's small towns, there are nearly always one or two informal gathering places ... settings where people go to hang out, see their neighbors, and chat. Such places are terribly important to a town, hosting a social hub that keeps a community connected and feeling like, well ... like a community.

Out here, the most important of those places is nearly always a bar, but if a town's lucky it will also have a little café ... the sort of place where the old men will gather for coffee around a big table every morning, just to sit and talk for hours. This is one such place, the café in the little Gallatin County town of Willow Creek. It's a little snazzier-looking than most such places, partly because the café tries to attract the yuppies from Bozeman, but it still does the job. And there's a great bar in the next room, to boot!

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