Friday, July 17, 2009

Most photographed ...

When one photoblogs about Montana, it's of course extremely difficult to not overwhelm the journal with shots of Glacier National Park. I'm trying very hard to keep a balance, here ... but Glacier's my favorite place on earth and so occasionally I need to indulge.

This is perhaps the single most photographed view in the entire state, and justifiably so ... I've taken roughly a million shots there, myself. The view is of St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island, and I shot this on a cloudy September day about two years ago.


  1. Glacier is our (my husband and I) most favorite place, too. Before we moved too far away to make it there for a long weekend, we spent every Labor Day weekend camping at Johnson's of St. Mary. I think we have about a million photos of St. Mary's Lake, too. Never gets old.

  2. haha, so true: snap!

  3. Jo, I saw your photo ... it's a great one! Quite a spot, eh?

    And Ceilon, I actually worked in Glacier back in college ... so there are great memories attached to the place. But even if there weren't, I think I'd love it more than almost anywhere.

    People here in Bozeman are so misguided -- when they say "the park," they mean Yellowstone, but true Montanans know that Glacier is the place! :)