Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad news ...

They say that bad news travels fast, but in this case it took a few months. Not long ago, I heard a rumor that the Jersey Lilly Saloon out in Ingomar finally closed down last winter, and yesterday a friend in Forsyth confirmed the story for me. The Jersey was my favorite bar in Montana by far, and the news broke my heart.

Here's a photo of the Jersey I took back in 2005. It was almost all that was left of Ingomar, and it was the only gathering spot for a good 30 miles in any direction. The place had been an eastern Montana landmark for decades.

We'll take a look inside the Jersey Lilly tomorrow.


  1. ahh man; I HATE that when it happens...sorry.

    Our signatures were in the concrete foundation for the enormous wood burner in the Idaho Bar in Pocatello. It too, was a landmark in S.E. Idaho.

    It's like, y'know ye'rr in real trouble when the bars disappear from the map of life.

  2. That's a shame. I have a BACKROADS OF MONTANA video in which it was featured. Planned to visit there someday. I guess I missed my chance.