Sunday, July 19, 2009

Petrified Tree Bridge ...

Here's another old postcard, this one providing further proof that -- despite popular belief -- there's actually fascinating topography in eastern Montana. The "Petrified Tree Bridge" was a few miles from Terry, out in Prairie County. This is a pretty well-known old postcard, and the location was also a setting used by the noted frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron.

That's about all I know about the Petrified Tree Bridge, though ... and in fact I'm not even sure if the thing is still there. This old postcard is pretty much the only thing that shows up in a Google search. I guess I'll have to go looking someday.


  1. I dunno....Mark...looks a lot like the "Jackalope" postcards sold in Montana and Wyoming.

    Something very fishy...Though I do grant the presence of petrified wood throughout the area. I have a three foot specimen from that area sitting under my piano at this very moment.

  2. Heh ... I'd be wondering about it, too, but for the fact that I've seen several old pictures of it from different angles, and I don't see Evelyn Cameron making things like that up. I think one of her shots of the place actually has a person on top of the bridge!

    It's be pretty easy to create that stuff nowadays, of course ... but that was a lot of years before Photoshop was invented. All the more reason, I suppose, for me to get in the car and head out towards Terry one of these days.

    And I'm not really a fan of stuffed animals overall, but I have to admit that a part of me has always wanted to have a jackalope mounted on my living room wall!