Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marching ...

The Fourth of July is a time for patriotic reflections, of course, but in Bozeman this year it was also a venue for political expression. There were two marches down the town's Main Street yesterday morning ... one was sponsored by an angry, far-right group, but the other was far more good-natured, designed to poke a bit of fun at the right-wingers.

My dog and I marched with the latter group, a very genial bunch united under the satirical name, "The Green Coalition of Gay Loggers for Jesus." It was a fine time, and the perfect way to celebrate the Fourth. I took this photo a few minutes after the march ended, and it seemed like a good reflection of the holiday.


  1. MARK... ! ! ? ? The Green Coalition 0f Gay Loggers for Jesus ? ? My perception of you has just dramatically changed. In the good ole days of Bozeman you wouldn't have made it a block....ha....I think I'd rather be a angry ?? far right groupper,,,,,,ha again,,,,

  2. Ha! I was a little nervous about posting that entry, because I knew it might horrify someone ... but I just really liked that photo I took. :)

    But yeah, it's better off if you know it now: my politics do mostly lean to the left. (The long hair is a dead giveaway!) But I"m definitely not a hard-core ideologue about a lot of that stuff, and some of my political opinions aren't too easily categorized. Besides, with just rare exceptions like this one, this absolutely isn't going to become a political blog -- I think the topic of Montana is much more interesting!

  3. ROFL...I thought it was a hilarious idea...ever notice a bar full of loggers at happy hour...all those plaid backs shoulder to shoulder, with their red 'spenders looking sooo uniform... telling blond jokes and waiting for "Beavis & Butthead" to come on the TV....I really MUST find that photo...

  4. Heh ... thank you! I've gotten a surprising amount of grief from friends for participating in that little event -- mostly from right-wingers, of course, but also from a couple of too-politically-correct folks on the left. Which is really too bad: life is far too short not to laugh at the goings-on as often as you can.

    Now, if I could only get that lumberjack song from Monty Python out of my head. "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK .........." :)