Thursday, December 24, 2009

Seasonal view ...

Today's photo is another one that that I took last week ... this old farmhouse is a few miles north of Avon. It seems to reflect the season a little bit.


  1. This is so beautiful! Merry Christmas, Mark!


  2. I really lucked out with that view, I think. :)

    A Merry Christmas to you too, Paula!!

  3. This is terrible, but I'm going to admit it right here in front of everyone...

    Don't old houses make you want to stop, crawl in, and look at what was left behind? I realize this would be trespassing, if there was no permission, so I don't do it. But I have such a compulsion to look at the remainders of the lives within the walls!

    Really, I don't sneak into old houses. But I really wish I could.

    Merry Christmas, Mark; hope you have a glorious time and the gift of no fruitcake.

  4. Merry Christmas to all. We're busily packing boxes for moving house on the 2nd. We bought an old trailer just around the corner, and it's a wild dash to make the transfer. The sellers will be gone by the 29th I think, and we can start hauling stuff over. Friends invited us to dinner tomorrow so we'll time out for that, as the hostess has terminal cancer and this may be our last chance to see her perpendicular.
    Hope everyone has a great holiday and makes warm, sweet memories.

  5. Heh ... oh, of COURSE old houses have that effect on me! I wouldn't be writing this blog if I didn't feel that way. To me, there are few things in the world that are so evocative -- or so important, really. They're the best reminders we have of the people who passed before us here.

    As for peeking in abandoned buildings, I'll confess to having done it a time or two before ... though I make a strong point of not violating fences or signs, or intruding on a property that looks like it's still cared for. And the times I've peeked inside, it's been with a sense of near-reverence.

    And believe it or not, I actually did receive a fruitcake for Christmas! But that's just fine, because I happen to love the stuff. I'm a full-blown omnivore, without a doubt.

  6. Thanks so very much for the good wishes, Angh ... and I hope you had a great holiday, too! Congratulations on the new home, and best of luck with all the packing and such -- moving is one of my least-favorite things to do in the whole world. (I'm way too much of a packrat.)

    Take good care.