Saturday, December 12, 2009

Experiment ...

I take thousands of photos that I don't think turn out quite right, of course, and you generally won't see those here. The shot below is one that's in my "not quite" category ... but the old building is cool enough that I thought I'd post it anyway. I still need to go back and reshoot this someday, though.

This is the bank building in Buffalo, Montana, illuminated by my car's headlights. Buffalo is a very cool little place, an almost-ghost town with an evocative setting and several great old buildings. It'll be near the top of my destination list when the weather starts to warm up again.


  1. Now, see, that looks more like the Hollywood prop than the fire tower in Libby did!

    I don't care what you say about this photo...I like the moon, I like the headlights, I like the building. It looks like you turned the corner, when driving and whoop! there was the bank on the prairie...

  2. It's brilliant! I would refer you to John Smyth's "North Atlantic Skyline" blog...he's a pro and does many shots like this...simple, quite stunning statements of what there is to see at the perfect moment.

  3. Thanks to both of you. :)

    It's definitely a shot I want to try again ...mainly, the lights need to be a little less glaring. And next time I need to use my tripod, rather than just sit the camera on the roof of the car.

    It's such an evocative setting ... it deserves a good effort.