Monday, December 7, 2009

Pipe line barge ...

Today's photo is another shot taken by Harold Booth back in 1934, and forwarded to me by Derek and Ann Legg. The handwritten note on the back of the photo reads, "Pipe line Barge, Ft. Peck, Mont."... and that's all I know about the image. You can easily see the pipe brackets, though, and clearly someone had an awful lot of it that they needed to haul up the river somewhere.


  1. Given the year, could it be that it was to haul crude oil down the river?

  2. Who knows, Matt? That would definitely be a possibility if there were an oilfield out there that was near the river, but not a railway line.

    I was kind of assuming it had something to do with the construction of Fort Peck Dam, but I have no idea why that would require them to be hauling a bunch of pipe around ...