Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Hundred Stories ...

There are an awful lot of books about Montana being published nowadays ... and as always, Glacier Park is a favorite topic. The park is getting more literary attention than ever thanks to its upcoming centennial, and the results are typically mixed: some are quick and shallow coffee-table exercises designed to turn a buck, and others are wonderful labors of love.

Last week, I received my copy of a new book that definitely falls into the latter category, and though there's a bit of self-promotion involved I wanted to mention it here. The volume is titled, A View Inside Glacier National Park: 100 Years, 100 Stories, and it's an anthology of personal reminiscences of Glacier, compiled in honor of the centennial. The list of contributors reads almost like a Glacier Who's Who, and if you've been around the park for a while you'll likely recognize a good many of the names. A number of the individual stories are really wonderful, and the entire book is a great read. Collectively, the essays are able to convey what makes Glacier such a special place to so many people ... and that's something that no other book I've seen is quite able to do.

The book is available from the Glacier Association ... and as for the self-promotion part, I'll confess to being one of the story contributors. But you should buy it for the other 99 stories.


  1. Mark!

    Thanks for this post! We had an almost overwhelming turn out for the book reception this past weekend. I will be posting pictures later today! These books are hot-- even NPR here in Montana has been talking about it!


  2. Hey, Kass!

    Thanks for the comment, and I'm glad you found the blog! Feel free to pass the link around the park if anyone's interested.

    And I'm very glad to see that the book is being so well-received! I honestly think it's a wonderful effort, likely the best single product to come out of the centennial. You guys deserve all kinds of credit for putting it together.

    Take care ... hopefully I'll make it up to the park for an event sometime soon!