Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Forgotten train ...

Today's photo is just a quick follow-up to yesterday's post ... it's a shot I took last summer of the old railway depot in White Sulphur Springs, an abandoned passenger car still sitting beside it after nearly thirty years.

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  1. If you haven't been out that way, White Sulphur is definitely worth a roadtrip! It's gorgeous country, and a nice little town that still hasn't been hit by the urbanization that's gotten so much of the Montana mountain country.

    And I love the B&B idea! I've seen a number of places where old railway cars have been converted into hotel rooms or youth hostels, and I think it would be very cool. (If you've ever been up around Glacier Park, there's a hotel called the Izaak Walton Inn up there ... where you can rent a caboose for the night! I've always wanted to do it, but it's a little out of my budget ...)