Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overland Rye ...

Today's photo is a shot of one of the more noted buildings in uptown Butte: the old Curtis Music Hall. It's the home of Gamer's Cafe, which is just another mediocre little restaurant these days ... but was once something really special.

And as for Overland Rye, I don't suppose they make it anymore. Too bad, because I could use a shot of it today ...


  1. You can say a lot of things about Butte. But you can't say it doesn't have character.

  2. Ya know, Rick ... that's exactly what I was thinking when I visited the slums of Calcutta a few years ago. "Well, at least the place has character. Kind of reminds me of Butte." :)

    And Courtney, are you going to do that every time I do a Butte post??

  3. Look at it this way.....If there were no Butte!!! you would have nothing with which to compare the rest of Montana.