Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lincoln Peak ...

Hiking the Gunsight Pass trail in Glacier National Park, some of the best views are a couple miles west of the pass, where the trail angles along the south slope of Lincoln Peak. Head off the trail just a little ways, and suddenly you're at the edge of a cliff, thousands of feet above Lincoln Lake. I think it's one of the most spectacular spots on earth.

I took this picture ages ago, while working as a summer employee in Glacier. Lake Ellen Wilson is on the left, with Lincoln Lake far below on the right. The guy sitting on the cliff was a co-worker of mine who went by the nickname "Hooch"; he is, of course, wearing the requisite "Go Climb a Glacier" T-shirt.


  1. Enjoying this blog, Mark. What beautiful country with more cows then people which is right up my alley!

    Thanks for sharing.......kbear

  2. Many, many thanks, Karl! You already knew I love this part of the world ... but it sure is fun to get a chance to show it off to some other folks.

    Take care, sir.

  3. I have such terrible vertigo this pic made my stomach start flipping....eeek. No mountain climbers in my heritage, for sure.

  4. You know, the funny thing is ... I can play around those thousand-foot-high cliffs in Glacier with no worries at all, but get me up on a ten-foot stepladder and I totally freak out! The human psyche is so weird -- or at least mine is.