Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Charlie and Monte ...

Since I'm headed up to Great Falls again this morning, I thought I'd post a photo I took in the Electric City a few weeks ago. This is the downtown statue of the famous cowboy artist Charles M. Russell and his horse Monte ... Charlie is the one on the left.


  1. Seems that many towns in Montana have something special to offer if one will just take the time to look. Next time you are near Whitehall you might enjoy the Lewis and Clark Murals.


  2. Yep, pretty much every place in Montana does ... I could devote a very full lifetime to wandering the state with my camera. All I need is a trust fund! :)

    I'll try to make a stop in Whitehall the next time I'm out that way -- I have some shots of the town already, but nothing since the big fire a couple months ago.