Sunday, June 28, 2009

North Dakota jokes ...

Back in the late 1970s an enterprising gentleman named Mike Dalton created a series of thin paperback books designed mainly for sale in Montana -- the North Dakota Joke Books. They were sold at diners and truck stops and souvenir stands, and quickly became part of the Montana popular culture. They've been out of print for ages, and are minor collectors items today.

The jokes themselves were pretty silly ... mostly, recycled ones that you'd heard a thousand times before but with different place names. But as anyone who's seen the movie Fargo knows, its extremely easy and entertaining to make fun of a North Dakotan. Today's quote is a sample from one of the joke books, and you might see some others later.
There was a North Dakotan who lived right on the Montana border. One day some surveyors came to his door to inform him that they had made a mistake years before and now the North Dakotans actually lived in Montana. "Oh, good," said the North Dakotan. "I don't think I could stand another one of those North Dakota winters."

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