Monday, November 2, 2009

Sports under a Big Sky ...

I promise you all that this is absolutely NOT going to turn into a sports blog ... but I have one more football photo for you. I ended up in the small town of Lima last Saturday afternoon, and watched one of the playoff games for the state 6-man high school football championship. The game pitted a plucky co-op team from the little towns of Reed Point and Rapelje against an evil squad from Dubois, Idaho.

It was a close game, but in the end the Reed Point/Rapelje Renegades were a point short. Regardless, though, it's hard to envision a finer setting for a football game than this:


  1. That's classic Montana sky, there!

    Okay, I have to ask...what is the team name for Lima? Are they Cougars, Mustangs, Bandits?
    I'm always intrigued by the mascots and how they were chosen.

  2. It's the LIma Bears! A classic old-style team name.

    I'm fascinated by mascot names, too ... and Montana has a few really good ones. The one to beat, of course, it the "Belfry Bats"! Others are interesting because they recall thing that were important in a town once, but aren't any more -- like the Harolwton Engineers and the Chinook SugarBeeters.

    One of my favorites, though, is actually out by your neck of the woods: the Forsyth Dogies. What a perfect name for a ranch-town team!

    (Have I mentioned to you that I actually lived in Forsyth for a little while, many years ago?)