Friday, November 27, 2009

November in Glacier ...

This is a photo from the first Thanksgiving I spent in Montana, and the first one away from home.

I was in college, and had spent the summer before working at Lake McDonald Lodge before heading out for another year of school. I missed Montana, though ... so instead of spending Thanksgiving at home I drove up to Bozeman to meet a friend of mine from the park, and then we headed up to Lake McDonald to camp in the snow. A friend in Lakeside took pity on us and invited us to Thanksgiving dinner, and we skied up the Going-to-the-Sun road for a ways and basically froze to death. It was a great time.

I was probably standing on the boat dock at Lake McDonald Lodge when I took this shot, looking up through the mountains towards the Garden Wall.


  1. Brrr! What an amazing though you had a filter on your camera that only allowed blue tones!

    Camping in the snow would make you grateful for a lot of things. It's kind of amazing what college kids can endure and enjoy, isn't it? Some of the best times I had in college revolved around situations that would knock me out, now.

    Hope this year's Thanksgiving was warmish and fun!

  2. I confess that I really like that photo ... and of course it was shot in the days before digital, or before I had any fancy filters, so the blue tones are really how things looked.

    And you're absolutely right about youth! Just thinking about the things I did back then are almost enough to kill me now. :)

    My thanksgiving was a good one, thanks ... I hope yours was, too. (I'm sure the pie was a hit!)