Monday, November 16, 2009

Madison Valley ...

When I sat down this morning I realized I was about to make my 200th post in this blog ... who would have thought? Not me.

Anyhow, since the open road has been such a big part of this journal so far, I thought another highway picture would be a proper commemoration. Here's a shot I took several days ago, driving through the upper Madison Valley just before sunset.


  1. Congratulations on 200 posts!
    Do you think this scene is engraved on the heart of every Montanan? Of the open road, I mean, not this particular stretch of road...
    One of the best things about this state, to me, is that there are more of these scenes than not.

    Now, are you going to have a celebratory cupcake or something?

  2. Thank you! And I think a celebratory cupcake sounds like a fine idea ... or maybe the whole cake! Wish I had one. :)

    And your second paragraph is an insightful one, I think. I really hope that the answer to that is yes ... to me, a scene like that is really what the essence of what Montana is all about, and I would hope that a true Montanan would understand that and appreciate it. The times I love this place the very most are when I'm out driving like that ... alone on an empty road, marveling at the land and the sky.

    Take care ...

  3. What a clever cosmic plan...a mass of land so rich in hue, and a painter like Russell to prove up the colors to folks who couldn't be here in person. He had a keen eye for scenes just like this photo. How cool is that.

  4. You're definitely right about old Charlie ... he had a truly amazing visual grasp of this place. And got it exactly right, too. The man wasn't just doing western kitsch.

  5. There's a song that Ian Tyson did about Charlie Russell...can't think of the title, now that I go to talk about it, of course. It talks about how God appointed him, in heaven, to paint the Montana sunsets...

  6. Well, I'm going looking for that one, now ... if I find it, it will be tomorrow's post!

  7. Thanks FW for reintroducing me to an old familiar name in a whole new light. "Four Strong Winds is an all-time fave, and now I've got a new favorite balladeer to collect. I never connected Ian with a last name...except Sylvia...
    In process of searching I also found a ton of stuff about Charlie and Montana and a guy named David Walburn. How's that for a surfing trifecta?
    Gawd, I love the internet.
    And thanks to Mark for keeping all this brew bubbling.

    Off today as a passenger for a change, to St. Maries. Maybe I'll get some pics for my site

  8. I'm here from the Farmer's Wife's blog... a neighbor in a Garfield County kind of way.

    My grandparents had a ranch between Pony and Harrison when I was growing up. My uncle took over, and now my cousins.

    We traveled that highway often on our way to see them. That valley is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen and brings back great memories! Thanks.

    I've been lurking around here for a while and decided to post a comment, finally. Congratulations on the 200th post!

  9. Thanks for the good words, Angh ... and yep, I love the internet too. :) Hope you had a great trip to St. Maries; that's a really lovely part of the state.

    And Traci, I'm very happy you said hello! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

    Pony is one of my very favorite towns in the entire state ... it's such an atmospheric place, and such an exceptional setting. I could really almost see myself living there. The whole valley is wonderful, though it's a little sad watching it change ... I imagine that in another generation or so, Ennis will look like Jackson Hole, or something.

    Thanks again!!