Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bigfoot (!) ...

As far as search engines go, I'm a definite fan of Google ... particularly Google Books, which as you might guess is an invaluable tool when doing a blog like this. It seems like you can find pretty much anything there.

Including, for example, the complete press run of the Weekly World News! I know you're wondering why anyone would want to have access to something like that ... but there are times when you just might be in the mood for a little badly-written, pop culture fiction.

There were at least a handful of Montana stories in the WWN over the years, including one on dinosaurs that had come back to life. And we actually made the cover of their December 30, 2003 issue, as you can see below. This tragic event supposedly happened out near Beaverhead Rock ... you can just ignore the fact that the vegetation in the photo isn't very Montana-like, and that the generic police car has a Musselshell County license plate Photoshopped to it. :)


  1. Gosh, the Billings Gazette completely failed to cover this story! This is fair and unbiased reporting at it's best.

    That's good stuff.
    And just when we were getting all shmaltzy and sentimental about Thanksgiving...what a relief! I'll chuckle about this all day.

  2. Yeah, the stupid Gazette ... ignoring stories like this could endanger peoples' lives! But at least now you know -- so you'll be able to keep a sharp eye out for Sasquatch next time you're out fixing fence or something. :-p

    On the serious side, though: very best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family. It's been really fun getting to know you online.

  3. They killed bigfoot and you didn't even hear about it until now.. how rude of them. I'd half expect the town to be driving the beast all though the town in the back of a pickup

  4. Ha! There you go with the Montana stereotypes, Nick. :-p

    Do they even have silly newspapers like that in Canada? I bet you're missing out!

  5. That's FUNNY, Nick, and I AM a Montana stereotype!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mark. It really has been a treat, seeing Montana through your eyes, and swapping comments. Every morning, I pour my coffee with half-open eyes, check my e-mail, and read "daily montana". If you ever meander toward Cohagen, please let me know...we can have coffee with home whipped cream!

  6. Thank you so very much for the kind words. I've honestly really enjoyed getting to know you, and you have what is without a doubt one of the most engaging blogs I've ever seen. I already feel I know you extremely well. :)

    And there's no doubt at all that when I decide to point my car towards Cohagen, you'll be the first to know!

    Take care!