Friday, November 20, 2009

Quintessential road ...

This is one of my favorite photos from the last couple of weeks ... I shot it a few miles southwest of Utica, on the road heading up the Judith River towards the sapphire country. Everyone who explores Montana knows scenes like this, and to me it's a quintessential part of the state.


  1. Mark, would you compile some of these pictures into a book called "Dust On The Windshield: Montana Backroads"? And if you do, would you sign my copy?

    You're right. This is quintessential Montana! Considered a rush hour photo by Cohagen standards....

  2. Oh, my dear ... I'd love to! I just need to find a patron who will fund me. :)

    But thanks for the good words ... and as for the Montana roads, I just can't imagine having to live in a place that didn't have journeys like this! How very sad that would be.