Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sun-faded prairie ...

Speaking of prairie ghost towns, here's a photo of one of my favorites -- the little hamlet of Ingomar, on the long-abandoned Milwaukee Road mainline across the state. This evocative photo was taken back in the early 1990s by a man named Dave Matthews, who lived in Bozeman back then. It's been many years since I heard from Dave ... he moved back east ages ago, to photograph things that could only be less worthwhile.


  1. On my previously mentioned trip through Montana with my son, on our way to Billings we stopped at Jersey Lilly's for noon refreshment after an overnight in MIles city at the Olive Hotel (and Montana & Bison bars) and breakfast at the 600 cafe. How could you possibly take the Interstate and miss Ingomar? Added bonus of watching buffalo being loaded. On a somehow related note, I read that the New Atlas in Columbus is getting due historical place recognition. Good Stuff.

  2. I absolutely love all the places you mentioned ... but Ingomar is the unquestioned highlight of any visit to southeastern Montana! I haven't been to the Jersey Lilly in 4 or 5 years, now, and I've heard it's fallen on hard times -- might not even be open. I really need to get out there this summer, and check for myself.

  3. Oh...Ingomar.
    I'm happy to tell you that the Jersey Lil is back in business! And not a thing has changed about the decor or food, really. Steak, beans, beer; still the best.

    My Gramps grew up in that area; went to school in Sumatra, herded sheep from a sheep wagon near Ingomar. Dad took us to the Jersey Lilly nearly every summer and I have great memories. I think it's time to haul MY kids there!