Monday, April 25, 2011

Missoula's just alright ...

I spent a winter in Missoula back in my college days, and while I was there I got to participate in an urban-design charette sponsored by the American Institute of Architects. We put together a 100-page report over the course of a single weekend, quite a challenge in the days before personal computers and digital cameras. It was all kinds of fun.

The report definitely looks a little ragged by today's standards, thanks to our lack of technology. I remember, though, that we were all particularly happy with the photo we chose for the report cover ... we decided that it captured the essence of Missoula as well as anything.

I don't know which member of the charette team took the photo, but here it is. It might be the underside of Missoula's old Orange Street Bridge, which was demolished a few years back.


  1. This image should be framed!
    (And maybe it is, somewhere...)

    100 page report in a weekend; college kids have energy and inspiration to burn, thank goodness. That's why so many amazing things come out of colleges, hm?

  2. I think it's the perfect slogan for Missoula, though I don't suppose the local Chamber of Commerce would approve. :)

    And I wish I still had a little more of that college-kid energy and inspiration!!