Saturday, April 2, 2011

Campbell Lodge ...

I'm sure that if one's starting a business in a town named Glasgow, there can be an almost-irrestible temptation to market the enterprise using a Scottish theme. Hence the Campbell Lodge in Glasgow, Montana ... complete with a huge signboard featuring an improbable kilt.

The building itself is a standard piece of 1960s architecture -- something that Glasgow has in abundance, thanks to the short-lived boom caused by the brief life of Glasgow Air Force Base. And that's another story worthy of exploration someday ...


  1. Glasgow is a funny little town, isn't it, with many old buildings whose integrity in architecture has been maintained. I really like the cars in this picture.

  2. Yeah, Glasgow is an interesting place ... kind of a weird mix of homestead-era buildings and all the newer development that accompanied the air base. And the stuff from the Fort Peck years, too.

    After posting that photo, I realized that I'd actually stayed in that motel once, back in the 90s or so. The cars were much less interesting when I was there. :)