Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bozeman neon ...

I love taking photos of old signs, and I've been doing that in Bozeman for years, now. The neon ones are the best, of course, and Bozeman has a few really great ones ... like this one, up on North 7th. Who wouldn't want to stay at a motel that has a sign lit up like that?


  1. I want to stay there!
    You know, I've really started enjoying the little mom-n-pop motels again. While the Holiday Inn and Hilton have very nice rooms and breakfasts, I'd just as soon stay somewhere where I end up visiting with the night clerk about their cousin who was in Jordan once, and eating at the local cafe where the waitress calls you "Hon" and gives you an extra piece of toast.

    Thanks for posting sign pictures...especially the neon ones!

  2. Yep, some of the old Mom-and-Pop motels can really be great. I used to avoid them, preferring the predictability of the chains, but I guess I'm getting more adventuresome again. :)

    But I've always loved, loved, loved the little local cafes! Especially for breakfast ... there's nothing better in life than a big, greasy breakfast in a small-town cafe. No Egg McMuffin will ever compare.

  3. I have stayed there! it's a no frills place but clean and quiet. here's my take on the sign... the print is made using a 19th century photographic process known as Van Dyke Brown:

  4. Great photo, Tom! And it really pleases me to see a shot like that originating on film ... nowadays nearly everyone would just add a sepia layer to a photoshop file and call it good. And while that's fun to do, it's also kind of too bad.

    I imagine you're counting down the days until your lookout trip! I hope all the snow we have out here finally starts to melt sometime soon.