Monday, September 21, 2009

That time of year ...

So far we've had a gorgeous September here in Montana -- warm, sunny days and really pleasant nights -- but I'm seeing more and more signs that those days are numbered. I had to turn the furnace on this morning, and tomorrow's the first day of autumn ... and this morning the most spectacular part of the Going-to-the-Sun Road closed down for the year.

So this is what we're in for, before too long. (This isn't Going-to-the-Sun, though ... it's Looking Glass Hill, just east of Two Medicine. I took it in mid-April a couple of years ago, and it shows what happens when you ignore "Road Closed" signs in that part of the world.)


  1. ahhh... i've attempted to traverse a few of those. It never works out well.

  2. Oh, yeah ... I almost died on that very road a couple of years ago. :/

  3. Hi Mark... Yes, frost on the windshield of my rent-a-car this AM. I am sitting on a Bozeman back deck...staring out at the Bridgers...

    Drove in from Butte/Deer Lodge Valley last night.

    Just about to head over the Leaf and Bean...for that coffee* I offered you. Then back to Billings for a flight. Seems like I leave Montana more often than I arrive!!! But I have reams of notes made while here...books...films...names, etc.

    *the one you couldn't make... : )

    Pat Lueck

  4. Yep, I had frost, too, and couldn't find my scraper ... had to use a credit card. Something that won't work around here for too much longer!

    The Bridgers are pretty nice, aren't they? :)

    Hope you enjoyed that Leaf & Bean coffee ... and I hope you make it back to the Gallatin Valley sometime soon. I really am here most of the time, and the offer still stands.

    Take care --

  5. OK... Mark... while in Deer Lodge, Butte and Bozeman..I plugged your site like CRAZY!!!! Back home now; courtesy of United/Frontier.

    We'll be in Bozeman next summer; til then keep up the good work!!

    Pat Lueck

  6. Thanks so much, Pat, for all of the good words. And we have a date for next summer!!! Take care.