Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lead and arsenic ...

My last lyrics quote here mentioned that Missoula is almost certainly the most-musically-mentioned city in the state. I'd guess that Bozeman is number 2 in that regard ... the city's got a musical tradition of its own, and a name almost as evocative as Missoula's. Butte might be next on the list, even though its name evokes a set of entirely different images.

To show what I mean, here's the opening stanza from an entertaining song called "Butte, Montana," by Hank Green. It's available on YouTube, as well as his 2009 album So Jokes. You likely won't be surprised to hear that Mr. Green lives in Missoula, rather than Butte.
Oh Butte, Butte, Butte Montana
Home of the Berkeley Pit
The butte hole of America
It’s filled with lead and arsenic.

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