Friday, August 14, 2009

Trippin' in Montana ...

Here are some relatively obscure lyrics for today ... these are the final stanzas from the song "Trippin' in Montana," by an R&B songwriter named Anders Osborne. (He's a Swedish immigrant who now lives in New Orleans.) The song, inspired by Montana's perceived status as a haven for the far right, the heavily religious, and the misanthropic, was released on Osborne's 1999 album, Living Room.
It was a hopeless situation
We all knew it had to end
Bow your head and seek salvation
Close your eyes and lose your head

Fifteen men down in this canyon
Breaking bread with all the gods
One man standing outside Bozeman
Flicked his joint and broke the odds

He went trippin', trippin' in Montana
Like the good book said
He went trippin', trippin' in Montana
Living the words that he read

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