Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The least important things about Great Falls ...

In a post here last Saturday, I evoked the name of the author Richard Brautigan, and mentioned that he had lived for a time in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston. Given that connection, Brautigan sometimes did mention the state in his work -- most notably in a 1980 volume called The Tokyo-Montana Express. Elsewhere, our state appears only peripherally, and in sometimes puzzling ways. Here's a small excerpt from Brautigan's 1967 book Trout Fishing in America ... part of a much longer section that talks about the Electric City and an old Deanna Durbin movie:
I cast out again and continued talking about Great Falls.

Then in correct order I recited the twelve least important things ever said about Great Falls, Montana. For the twelfth and least important thing of all, I said, "Yeah, the telephone would ring in the morning. I'd get out of bed. I didn't have to answer the telephone. That had all been taken care of, years in advance.

. . .

"Fortunately it stopped one day without my having to do anything serious like grow up. We packed our stuff and left town on a bus. That was Great Falls, Montana. You say the Missouri River is still there?"

"Yes, but it doesn't look like Deanna Durbin," Trout Fishing in America said.


  1. HUH ??? Deanna Durban ?? Mark, were you toke-in in Livingston last Saturday night when you wrote up this post???????????????? HHHMmmmmm,,,,

  2. Ha! Remember, sir, at least when it comes to the quotes ... I don't write 'em, I just report 'em. :)