Monday, August 3, 2009

Chief Mountain ...

OK. OK ... just one more Glacier shot for now. This is a cyanotype-tint shot that I took of Chief Mountain on an autumn day in 2006. I was coming down from Canada and shot this not far from the Piegan customs station.

Chief Mountain is one of Glacier's most iconic peaks, and one of my personal favorites ... partly due to the fact that I managed to climb it many years ago.


  1. I like this shot. It is blue and misty and peaceful.

  2. Thanks, Jen. Kind of a different and unexpected shot, but I somehow liked it, too.

  3. Actuall Mark, only half of Chief Mountain is in Glacier Park,,,but you probly knew that,,,,the other half lies on the Blackfeet Reservation. I make it a point to climb it every other year via an old road that was built to drill an oil well at the base of the north side of the mountain. I wondered what your route was ??? the old road, or the south west approach up from Slide Lake or the North west route from the Port of Piegan ??? A spectacular view every time.....never tire of it....Jeff

  4. Yep, right on the boundary ... and I understand that at least some of the Blackfeet are a little less than enthusiastic about having non-natives climb the thing.

    I'm not sure if I'm macho enough to climb Chief any more, but you're using the route that I've long wanted to try! When I did it, we spent the night before at the old backcountry campground by Belly River Ranger Station, and then hiked up to Gable Pass and made the climb from there. Not the most direct or least-tiring route, by any means ... the main thing I remember was climbing an endless scree field.

    I was going to do it again a couple of years later, by heading up from the old Slide Lake road ... but that time we only got part way before deciding that spending the afternoon pigging out at Johnson's Cafe in St. Mary made a whole lot more sense. :)