Sunday, May 17, 2009

The world is full of bastards ...

Without question, the book most closely associated with Montana in recent years is Norman Maclean's wonderful novella, A River Runs Through It. I read it years ago, during the one winter I endured living in Seattle, and I think it was the main thing that made me realize how much I was missing Montana, and how much I belonged there.

There are a number of very well-known passages in that book ... including this one, which probably needs to be in any collection of Montana quotes.
Painted on the side of our Sunday School wall were the words, God is Love. We always assumed that these three words were spoken directly to the four of us in our family and had no reference to the world outside, which my brother and I soon discovered was full of bastards, the number increasing rapidly the further one gets from Missoula, Montana.


  1. We went to see the film in CDA, ID...I've been a film freak for all the memory part of my life... "A River Run Through It" is the first film I remember the audience remaining seated throughout the credits roll...understandable because many people know extras who played in the film, or know that area of Montana...but when the credits ended...the entire audience responded with applause, an absolute surprise to me. As the theatre crowd walked to the exit, I noticed a number of us openly crying...

    It was a bizarre and memorable experience.

    Yeah...Montana is like that.

  2. Oh, I can totally understand ... I was all misty-eyed when I finished reading the book, but it sucked because I was out in Seattle with no one to commiserate with. :/

    And Montana's definitely like that -- the place generates an affection that almost no other state can match.

  3. Do you ever get down to Gallatin Gateway? Years ago some friends and we got the grand tour of the building when it was pretty near derelict and up for sale. What a grand old building it is...we couldn't afford to even stop in for a drink there now but there's a lot of history there...take a look at the kitchen if you ever can...seems (in my memory eye) like it was bigger than my house...LOL

    I've always loved Seattle and the whole coast area...just NOT the steep streets in the city proper. Definitely a 'young legs' town. I lived in Olympia for a coupls years; got married in S. Tacoma...(now There's an armpit! as I recall)

  4. Yep, the old inn is amazing ... they sure did a good job with it, though it's gotten too pricy for me, too! We used to go out there for parties when I was in college and the place was still a dive. What a change.

    There are a lot of things I like about Seattle, too, but I couldn't take the weather! I'd much rather have winters that are sunny and cold, instead of the endless grey they get out there.