Saturday, May 30, 2009

Winter morning ...

I took this shot about five years ago, looking east across the Gallatin Valley. Those are the Bridger Mountains in the distance, and the town of Three Forks is buried in the fog down past the power lines.


  1. Hey Mark, Three Forks is me home town, but I don't recognize it from this angle. Ha,,,,I was gonna be smart and ask if that was fog or the smog from BozAngles. ???? Ha,,,, Nice photo though.

  2. Heh ... that shot is from the top of Reno Hill, on I-90 a couple miles west of the US 287 exit by Three Forks. The town actually looks like that in the winter every once in a while ... especially early mornings when it's really cold.

    And as for Bozeman, the wind blows all of our smog over the hill to Billings ... right where it belongs. :)

    And thanks!