Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summertime arrives ...

Other than family vacations as a kid, my first Montana experiences were as a summer employee at Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier Park ... I spent six wonderful seasons working there, and the hotel's annual reopening marked the symbolic beginning of summer for me. Lake McDonald is opening today for the 2009 season, and a big part of me is wishing I were heading back up there to be a bellman yet again.

Here's an historic photo of the Lodge, probably from the 1920s or so. The building's as beautiful as ever today ... though much less fun to photograph now that the Park Service has devastated the the hotel grounds with its modern landscaping.


  1. What a beautiful lodge. It must have been fun working there.

  2. Oh, it was great ... not just for the setting, but for the friendships I developed there. Many of those folks are still among my closest friends, years later.