Thursday, March 31, 2011

Malmborg School ...

I'm definitely intrigued by old Montana schoolhouses, and here's a photo of what might be the coolest one of all. This is the old Malmborg School, constructed 106 years ago in the Jackson Creek area east of Bozeman.

It's a great little schoolhouse, and a great old photo ... but the best part is that the building is still around today. And not only that, it still serves as an operating one-room school! How cool is that?


  1. I Love It! Thanks for posting this--

  2. Isn't that the greatest building??!

  3. I adore one-room schools! And what a brilliant design...I wonder who built it and came up with the idea of the hexagonical building? Most of the little schools were pretty square and plain and had to be built by volunteer neighbors so they were put up quickly. This took awhile!

    And I'm overjoyed that it's still running.

  4. Yep, I love that design. The building's been modernized some, of course, but it's still very recognizable as being the same place. I'd like to see what the inside looks like!

    And I'm with you -- I think it's truly wonderful that the school is still going strong. (And it's only 15 minutes from Bozeman, so if they'd wanted to, they certainly could have consolidated years ago.) There are still several small rural schools operating here in Gallatin County, despite all the people we have here now, and it's great.

  5. We have a Facebook page for the school now if you wanted to keep up on it.