Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Glacier quarter ...

I was a big fan of the "State Quarters" series that the U.S. Mint finished up a year or so ago ... though I was a little disappointed in the bison-skull design that ended up representing Montana in the series. But now the National Parks quarters are coming out, giving Montana another chance to show off to the numismatists of the world -- and this time I think we got it right.

The choice of parks was a no-brainer, of course -- it had to be Glacier. And though I would have loved to have seen Lake McDonald on the coin, this composite image of Mt. Reynolds and a mountain goat captures Glacier's iconography very well. And it looks good on a coin, to boot.


  1. Funny, it's Glacier National Park. Not Glacier National WATER Park, like that one state representative wanted to make it :)

  2. Ha! The way the weather's been this spring, maybe the glaciers will actually stop shrinking ... at least for this year. :)