Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Malta schoolhouse ...

The phrase, "They don't make them like that anymore," applies to a lot of things in today's world ... and it's definitely the case for schoolhouses. While I'm sure there are technical advantages to some of the ones they're building nowadays, pretty much all of the new ones are thoroughly uninspiring in their architecture. That certainly wasn't the case a century ago, when nearly every small-town schoolhouse was a local architectural landmark.

This photo of the old school at Malta is the perfect example -- what a gorgeous structure that was! The nondescript buildings that replaced it may be more efficient, but in terms of inspiration they certainly can't compare.


  1. Ditto ditto ditto! I think part of it is the public's opinion on voting for bonds: make it as "affordable" as possible, rather than funding a new school that is an icon and center for the community.

  2. Indeed! And it's true everywhere ... Bozeman included. The new school buildings that have been built here just break my architectural heart, especially when compared to the gorgeous buildings of a century ago. That old schoolhouse that was at the Emerson site was just amazing!