Sunday, January 23, 2011

Montana Backroads ...

This blog has developed something of a highway theme over the last few days, and we'll keep that going for one more entry. Here are a few lines from a song called "Montana Backroads," which was featured in Nanci Griffith's 1978 album There's A Light Beyond These Woods. The song was written by a man named Bruce Carlson, a long-time folk guitarist in Missoula.
Those honky-tonk bands still play old-time songs
Remembering how things used to be
Sitting at the bar with his head down in his hands
So alone with his memories
Lord, he's so alone with his memories

Now the bar is getting set to close, they say he's got to leave
But it feels like, Lord, he just arrived
So he downs his last shot as he's heading for the door
Getting ready for that long and lonely drive

In an old pickup truck, with his hat pulled down
He drives them old Montana backroads
Remembering half-forgotten times, and wondering where it's gone
And if he can still carry the load


  1. Aw...Nancy G....

    Gosh, I like this blog.
    You have the BEST things, here, and I always end up off on a tangent after reading it. Like digging out my old Nancy Griffith tapes.

    I'd forgotten, completely, about this song, but now it's running through my head...

  2. I'm so happy you're enjoying this! It sure is fun to write.

    And I confess ... I hadn't heard of this song until I started researching material for the blog. So not only am I having fun, but I'm learning things, too!

    Thanks so much for your note. :)

  3. Bought the album today...Now I have another CD to play on the road. "Trouble in the Field" is one of my favs.

  4. I admit it -- I haven't listened to the whole album! I'll have to go looking for it. :)