Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miles ...

I think it's time to return to Montana blogging, at least for a while. My apologies for the long absence ... it's been a very busy few months, with a number of changes, and I want to mention a couple of them in my first two posts.

When you go exploring, the most important thing is to have good travel companion, and for nearly seven years I had the very best -- Miles, the Border Collie. Miles was along for nearly all of my Montana wandering, and he saw more of the state than nearly any human ever will. Always eager to go, always happy to be on the road with me.

Miles died back in May, after battling a tumor for over two years ... an eager hiker and great companion till the very end. Rest well, my friend.


  1. Miles we miss you!

    Welcome back Mark!

  2. Thanks, Courtney!

    We need to introduce you and Charlie again one of these days ... maybe I'll buy a couple of hockey masks first. :)

  3. Oh, Mark...
    My Molly is nearly 12, and my shadow for that long...can't imagine a day without her, but I know I will soon. So sorry...

    This is a great picture of a happy, happy dog!

  4. Yeah, losing a companion dog is the hardest thing imaginable ... I hate to admit it, but I felt worse when Miles did than I did after losing most human relatives.

    MIles was indeed a trooper, and a very happy guy ... and there was nothing he loved more than heading out on a mountain hike with me.