Monday, February 8, 2010

There's a rodeo in Montana ...

Here's another stanza of Montana-related music for today ... the first part of a song called "There's a Rodeo in Montana," by the late Chris LeDoux. I'll confess that I've never actually heard this song (not being a country music fan), but the lyrics are certainly evocative. In addition to being a singer, LeDoux was also a Wyoming rancher and a rodeo champion, so I imagine he actually got to attend more than a few Montana rodeos in his day.
There's a rodeo in Montana where they come from miles around
Where they throw the hooligans and a bunch of beer cans all over that little cow town
From Friday night to Sunday afternoon the party goes on nonstop
Ranch hands and rodeo fans are drinking up the very last drop
And they all head for Montana at the foot of the Great Divide
To tie one up or tie one on or to tear it down or ride
So if you're lookin' for a rendezvous where the Wild West never dies
You best make it on up to Montana on the right day in July

1 comment:

  1. I think he had been to the world famous Match Bronc Ride in Jordan on Father's Day....and changed it to "July" because "June" doesn't rhyme with dies....

    I liked Chris LeDoux's early works. The later music was really....pop-ish or something. Like he was trying too hard. Shoot, I'd probably try too hard, too!

    Wow, doesn't this make you want to get to summer, now?