Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pipe of peace ...

Browsing old photos about Montana, you're sure to find lots of images that are poignant and lovely ... along with a few that will just make you smile. Here's one that definitely falls into the latter category.

I discovered this one in a 1933 tourist booklet called "Western Montana: A Land that Enchants the Traveler, Enriches the Settler and Inspires Everyone." The thing was apparently issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Butte, though it includes information about the entire western half of the state.

I honestly doubt there were very many recorded instances of tourists smoking authentic peace pipes in Butte ... but I guess that sort of smoke sounded more appealing than the toxic industrial soot that characterized the city in its early years.

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  1. "toxic industrial soot"

    Yep, that's it! I was about 17 before it dawned on me the cause for all the rocks and boulders in the upper Silver Bow creek valley (over the little divide between Anaconda and Butte) to be black on top (exposed) and regular colored on bottom!!

    Not to mention the complete absence of any vegetation taller than three feet outside of peoples yards! Desolate in the 40's ande 50's, yet....home to me!!!

    Pat Lueck