Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rancho Deluxe ...

Here's my last movie recommendation, at least for a little while. Rancho Deluxe is a weird little black comedy written by Tom McGuane and released in 1975. It stars Jeff Bridges and Sam Waterston as a pair of hapless drifters who take up cattle rustling (with a chainsaw!) down in the Paradise Valley. The film didn't get great reviews, and it's definitely a little uneven ... but it's a fun period piece with lots of Montana scenery.

And it's got a Jimmy Buffett soundtrack, to boot! That's worth the price of admission by itself.


  1. And to think how famous and respected Waterston and Bridges are in the new century...pretty cool too. Rancho Deluxe didn't hurt any of the principals...

  2. It didn't, indeed! And it's definitely a fun little movie ... but you appreciate it you have to like Montana, and you have to not take your movies too seriously. :)

  3. Livingston Saturday Night! Woohoo!!!