Friday, October 2, 2009

Unveiling ...

One of the things I'm striving for in this blog is geographical diversity ... but there are definitely a few places I've neglected, one of them being our capital city of Helena. So here's an historic Helena photo I like, from the Montana Historical Society. It's from the 1905 dedication of the equestrian statue of Thomas Frances Meagher that graces the front lawn of the state capitol.

(Meagher was an amazing guy, by the way ... easily the most dashing and intriguing political leader Montana has ever had. We'll have to talk more about him later.)


  1. I love too that in death as in life, there's a statur of Sanders in the capital keeping an eye on Meagher.

  2. Ha! I'd forgotten about that. :)

    That Meagher was SUCH a fascinating guy ... the perfect choice for a capitol statue, without a doubt.