Sunday, October 25, 2009

Geyser cutoff ...

The term "bucket list" is a popular one these days ... the idea is to create a list of things that you absolutely must do before you kick the bucket, and then get to work on actually doing those things. I think it's a great concept, and I have a mental bucket list that's a mile long.

I decided to head out yesterday to check one of the Montana-related items off my bucket list, and I'll report on my destination tomorrow after I've gone through the photos. This is a shot I took on the drive up ... a rainy day on the Geyser Cutoff Road. A gorgeous and thoroughly-Montana drive, but the Choteau County road crew really needs to dump some gravel up there!


  1. OMG...looks almost like the road to Shonkin...LOL I turned around shortly after reaching a similar tree.

    Meanwhile, I have finished a good novel, "Montana 1948" by Larry Watson, and am just getting into "We Headed Them North" by Abbott. Have just received this link about a book that should do very well...

  2. Heh ... well, Shonkin's not all that far away from there! On roads like that, though, I almost never turn around until after it's too late. Must be a guy thing. :)

    We Headed Them North might be more of a guy thing, too, but I'll be interested to see what you think.

    I saw that quilt book at the History Conference ... while it's not quite my interest, it's a very handsome volume, and pretty reasonably priced considering its size and all the color photos.

  3. I think I read Abbott's book years back when I was immersed in Western interest stuff in my late 20's, but re-reading is usually refreshing. I noticed on this book from U of I that it hasn't been checked out since 1980! Isn't that just SAD? *S*

  4. So, I posted a sucky little photo in one of my blogs...

  5. Yep, it's definitely sad that so many of those old Western classics are pretty much forgotten these days ... and it makes me feel old, to boot! :)

    And I didn't know you had a blog! (Silly me, for not even looking ...) I'm off to take a look now.

  6. ROFL...geez Mark, I'm all over the web...derelict blogsites R's how I amuse myself in winter.

    Ran into some photos in Flickr...a Montana set by a fellah name Marc Rettig = mrettig GOOD stuff if you're surfing around. nice shots from around Shonkin.

  7. "Derelict blogsites R us"?? Ha! I've encountered more than a few of those over the years ... don't know how many I'm personally responsible for, though. :)

    And speaking of Shonkin -- a friend was telling me about some really interesting old Finnish-American homesteads up in the Highwoods, that are on the National Register of Historic Places. Ever heard of them?

  8. "really interesting old Finnish-American homesteads up in the Highwoods"

    No, I've not heard of them but know there's a goodly number of Finns out this way, and have seen a great many names in old documents. Mother's parents came from Finland before 1900 and married in GF in 1910. Wherever they congregated you'll find remnants of old Saunas, and lots of stories of fierce feuds. There was a colony of Finns over here...near Enaville. Some of those families are still around.