Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Story Mill ...

People don't usually think of Bozeman as an industrial city ... but there was actually a fair amount of it back in the day, mostly related to agriculture. The old Story Mill complex north of town is the greatest monument to that era; though it's been empty for years, it's still an impressive and majestic Bozeman landmark.

A few years ago, the Story Mill property was acquired by a developer with lots of ambition but little regard for the community, and a vast redevelopment scheme was proposed. But then the project (and the developer's fortunes) collapsed in dramatic fashion, and everything was abandoned. Now time and vandalism are taking their toll, and the future of the old mill is bleaker than ever.


  1. This picture gives me the shivers! I think because of the heights...

  2. I was kind of pleased with that shot ... though I definitely know what you mean!

    I'm funny with heights, though. Looking up like that doesn't bother me, and looking straight down a thousand feet doesn't bother me ... but get me on a 6-foot stepladder and I'm nervous as heck. :)